Jun 2, 2017

Photo Friday: Enjoying the garden & Finding My Creator's Motivation

Happy Friday!  I'm pretty happy about the short work week.  How about you?  Today's blog post is a compilation of different photos that have appeared on my Instagram within the last week or so.  I think it's much easier to add captions/explain photos on my blog than on my phone.

My first Fanfiction.  Haha!  I took this photo to feature on my new about page.  Click through to that page to read my new bio and also read an explanation.

Scranton zine fest!  I'm really excited to attend this event this weekend.  I reblogged this photo from the Scranton Zine Fest instagram.

Zines!  I've been working on updating my Etsy site with updated photos and descriptions and tags for my zines.

Pat and I went to The Stoner Grill on date night.  We had some tasty food (he got a salad, I got a pizza) and listened to some music.  It looked like it was going to storm but it was still a nice night.

Some crafting supplies that I got at Lancaster Creative Reuse.  Felt, ebroidery floss, envelopes, and even some vintage air mail envelopes.  How cool!

These were some of the first strawberries that came from our garden this year.  How neat!  I didn't get to try one yet.  Hopefully the next round.

A big box of zines.  I've been copying and collating like crazy because I want to take some of my own zines to Scranton Zine Fest this weekend.

We got some new goldfish for our pond.  The first one is named Goldie Hawn, the second one is named Snacks (as in goldfish snacks) and the third one remains unnamed.

I spent a lot of time creating last weekend.  I finished two new zines that I need to get copies of.  The one pictured above is called Hello Cello!

Hopefully I'll have some pictures to share next week of Scranton Zine Fest.

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