Excerpt from Her Last Chance

What was I up to this weekend?  Writing up a storm!  

I'm working on a new novel called Her Last Chance.  It's about a young woman named Carrie who is fully set on giving up guys, until she meets a handsome guy on a dating app called Soulmate Swipe.  Everyone tells her that it won't work out. She's a front desk agent at a fancy Philadelphia hotel and he's a tourist, just in town for a business trip.  But as the two get to know each other throughout the week, Carrie realizes that maybe she wants to give this a chance, and see what happens.

Now for the fun part.  Today I'll be sharing an excerpt of my weekend writing.


Chapter 1


My only regret on Monday morning is the fact the barista at Starbucks filled my coffee cup a little too full.  It’s not her fault.  She didn’t know that I was running late for work and that I wouldn’t be able to take a sip from the cup because the coffee was not for me, but for my supervisor as an apology for being late.  But it’s still an inconvenience that I deal with on my fast and furious trip to work this morning.

As I scurry down the sidewalk with the cup in one hand and my hairbrush in the other, I can’t help but cringe at the fact that the reason I’m late for work is all my fault.  The first reason is because I stopped at Starbucks when I knew I was already running on the late side.  The second reason is because of what I did most of last night instead of getting a good night’s sleep before my morning shift at work.

I dodge a few people and begin to feel a little bit better when I see the sign for the parking garage that is right next to our building.  Employees aren’t supposed to use the front door.  We’re supposed to walk around to the side and enter through the kitchen, where there’s a small pathway that takes you upstairs to the employee locker rooms.

I debate if there’s enough time to get to the locker room and give myself a once over before starting my shift.  Maybe if I was agile, but I’m more like a sloth trying to do their best work.  This is as good as it’s going to get on a tired Monday morning.

I slip through the revolving door that leads to the lobby and glance at the front desk.  Jessica is standing behind the counter with her eyes locked on her computer screen.  A guest is standing in front of her with her mouth is moving quickly.

I don’t have time to ponder about what she’s staying.  I head for the door located right beside the desk and drop my things in the back office.  I’m safe because our Guest Services Manager doesn’t usually come in until 8 on weekdays.  I throw my bag on the floor and set the coffee cup on the desk.  I drag the hairbrush through my slightly damp hair.  There isn’t really much to do without a mirror so I hunch over and pull my hair up into a sloppy bun.  A quick glance at my reflection on my cell phone tells me that I look decent and that’s enough.

By the time I make it out front, Jessica is finished helping her customer.  She turns and gives me the scorned look that only a supervisor can give to their employee who is running fifteen minutes late.

"What?"  I ask innocently.

"What?"  She mimics me.  "You know you’re late so don’t even try to pretend like you
don’t understand.”

"I'm sorry."  I said, trying even harder to sound innocent.  "I stopped at Starbucks and got you a latte."

"You're late because you got me a latte?"  She just rolls her eyes.  "Or you were already running late and decided to butter me up by buying me my favorite drink?"


She laughs and holds her hand out for the warm beverage.

"Well thank you, dear.  It's pretty cold in here this morning.  Every time a guest comes in through the revolving door, the air blows directly in my direction."

"Front desk problems."  I say, reaching down to turn on the computer at my work station.
"Ain't that the truth."

A guest approaches the front desk and Jessica turns to help her.  I wait for my computer to boot up, type in my password, and open our hotel occupancy program.  We still have 42 check outs for this morning because we've been hosting an educational conference for the past two days.  Their last meeting takes place this morning and then they have a luncheon before they head out and go home.

"So why do you look like hell?"  Jessica asks.

I pull a compact out of my desk drawer and give myself a once over.  My hair is pulled up and my eyeliner is on point.  Sure, there are small bags under my eyes, but there almost always are.  I'm in my mid-twenties.  Nobody expects me to be getting a good night's sleep every night.

"What are you talking about?"  I demand.  "I look fine."

She laughs, which tells me that apparently she was just trying to give me a hard time.

"If you must know, I met someone."  I tell her.

She looks up.  "You met someone?"

I nod.

"But I thought after Victor you were taking a break from the whole dating scene?"

"I thought I was too.  But then Toby's friend Jolie turned me on to this dating app called Soulmate Swipe."

"That sounds like a terrible idea."

I give her a look. "Maybe.  But let me finish my story."


What do you think?  Online dating has become such a huge thing for my generation.  I actually met me boyfriend on the dating app called Bumble!  There are so many different directions that online dating (and dating in general) can take you and I want to explore that in Her Last Chance.

That's all for today.

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