Jul 19, 2017

Reasons Why My Etsy Shop Is On Break

Gather round, friends!  I'm here to tell you the story of why my Etsy shop is on hiatus right now.

That's right.


It's partly because of the post office.  It's partly because of human error.  It's partly because I'm just exhausted right now and shipping orders is stressing me out.  Here's the whole story.

1.  People are giving me the wrong addresses

I know.  You would think that anyone ordering my zines would be so excited that they would double check their address before hitting "submit" on their Quietly Written Order.  But they don't.  And then I get packages back from the post office with labels like "wrong zip" and "return to sender" only to find out that I was given the wrong address.

I want to provide the very best business and customer service that I can.  And I know mistakes happen. But this has happened at least 3 times to me recently and it's very frustrating.

2.  My Local Post Office

Now that I work in a small town, I can walk to the post office during my lunch break to ship orders. HOWEVER... I'm not sure if everyone in the post office knows how to ship things correctly?  For instance, the first time I tried to ship an order to France the customer did not receive it.  A few weeks later I tried to ship it again, the employee had me fill out a customs form, and this time the customer received the new order within the week.  I'm thinking the customs form had something to do with it?

3.  Experimenting With Digital

Taking a break has given me time to further develop my digital products, such as printable worksheets and digital zines.  I'm pretty excited to continue developing these new projects and releasing them throughout the rest of the year.

That's all for today!  It's lasagna night at my house and the ricotta cheese is calling my name.  Haha.

Take care,

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