1 More Week & New Zine Ideas

What's up, writer friends?  Not too much has been going on in my neck of the woods.  I've been busy with my day job, working on finishing the first draft of Alicia, and preparing some new zine work to debut at Lehigh Valley Zine Fest!  Only 1 more week until the festival.

First things first, I am working on a reboot of Daily Affirmations!

So exciting!  I created this illustration tonight to put on the cover.  The content is going to be mainly the same, but with some new additions as well.

I'm also working on new editions of
  • Write It Down
  • My Pen Pal Series
And guess what?  I have a completely new zine called Hotel Truths: A Front Desk Agent's Guide to Hospitality.  I'm accepting submissions right now on FB. Haha.

Can you tell I've been having fun on Adobe Illustrator?

It's almost 10:30 and I have to get up at six tomorrow for work, so I'm going to be hitting the hay. Goodnight!  It's going to be a long weekend of zine making and creating for me.

Your truly,
Marian Elizabeth

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