Lehigh Valley Zine Fest 2017

Happy Monday!  This weekend was the Lehigh Valley Zine Fest and it was another new experience.  I got my boyfriend to attend with me and we had an awesome day.  Let's start from the beginning!

We left Lancaster around nine thirty on Saturday and arrived in Easton around 11:30.  Neither of us had been there before and were pleasantly surprised by how cute downtown Easton is!  We parked at our hotel (we decided to make a weekend of it and stay overnight) and then carried my gear down the street to the space across the street from 2nd Base Vintage.

Apparently there was a leak in the basement of the space so people that arrived last were put out in the alley! Haha.  You can kind of see that in my graphic above, which is a shot I took from my end of the alley.  We were pretty late so we got right to work setting up our table and chairs.

My Table
It was so hot!  Oh my word.  People sitting down the way from me were worried about getting sunburn and I don't blame them.  We had a nice, sunny day though which was awesome.  We left my table unattended mid-afternoon to get a quick lunch at Mike's Old School Sandwich Shoppe.  Best meatball parm I've had in a while! :)

How did I do?

Honestly, it was pretty bad.  I only sold 1 zine in 5 hours.  Sigh.  Which I wasn't expecting because my etsy shop is relatively popular and I did pretty well at my first zine fest in Scranton.

Ah well.  I learned some good lessons by watching my peers.  I loved everybody's table designs and I got some good ideas for advertising/displaying my prices better.

And the best part is...

I traded for a bunch of cool zines!  I could tell it wasn't going to be that fruitful of a day for me (maybe because I was at the end of the alley?  Location could have had something to do with that) so I put up a sign that said "ask to trade" and I got quite a few takers!

Not to mention Joe brought me a couple of his zines right when we were leaving which was so nice!  I can't wait to read them because I picked up a few of his zines in Scranton and I really enjoyed them.

My fave zine of the day was Tales of Love by Andrew Davis.  Learn more about his work at Samanthacomics.com because Samantha is awesome.  And this zine made me laugh and smile so much.

We left a little before four thirty because we were getting tired from being outside all day.  Then we checked in at our hotel and relaxed and explored downtown Easton!  It reminded me a lot of downtown Lancaster because there were so many cool shops, bars & restaurants, and even this patriotic concert going on in what appeared to be a square!

We had a good time getting drinks at like, 5 different places I think?  Haha.  And we had some great chorizo guacamole and margaritas at Mesa and some tasty seafood at 3rd & Ferry Fish Market.  We also managed to make our way to Lafayette Jazz Bar to listen to some music and have a few more drinks.

Let me just say, I had the second worst hangover of my life this morning.  Goodness.  But all in all, I would give this weekend trip a 10 out of 10!

Yours truly,
Marian Elizabeth

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