Write It Down 2017 Edition: Coming Soon!

Happy Sunday!  It's been a busy weekend for me.  After dealing with some car issues after work on Friday, I came home and hunkered down in front of my computer so that I could prepare for Lehigh Valley Zine Fest.

My eyes are tired and I'm starting to lose steam, but it's going well!  I plan to finish a 2017 edition of Write It Down this evening!

Do you like my new cover?  I'm certainly pleased with it!  I also plan to use some of my illustrations from the original zine, like the one below.

I'll be working on finishing zines for the rest of the week, as well as heading to staples to get my copies done.  Then it's off to Easton on Saturday for the festival!

I am hoping to have my new works listed in my etsy shop by Sunday evening at the latest!

Your truly,
Marian Elizabeth

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