Creative Business Tip: How to use your lunch break to your advantage

Confession:  I love my current job so much, but my absolute favorite time of the day is my hour long lunch break.

Weird, right?  But let me explain.

For the few years that I worked in the hospitality industry, I was a front desk agent at a family resort.  It had 185 rooms as well as a full service restaurant and tons of banquet space.  Even on our quietest days we still had plenty of people roaming around the property for various reasons.

During the quieter times, the front desk would only be staffed with one person.  And because guests could come up at any moment to ask questions you had to be at the desk.  All the time.  No official breaks or lunch breaks unless another staff member could cover for you.

But six months ago I started my new job where I have my own cubicle and I get an hour long lunch break and I’m in heaven.  It’s amazing.  I’m finding even more direction when it comes to Quietly Written, my creative business.  And that’s because I’m utilizing my lunch break.  I pack my lunch from home and then I get to work.

Things I do during my lunch break

1. write fiction
2. write blog posts
3. read nonfiction books about topics related to my business
4. plot fiction
5. draw
6. take a walk
7. make lists

I love that I get to work on these kinds of things during my lunch break because it keeps me motivated.  Sometimes when I get home from work I feel tired or I have chores to do or I just want to sit down and watch some brainless tv.  I might fret about that if I didn’t do something productive earlier in the day, but instead I don’t worry about it and do what feels right to me.

So that’s my story.  That’s how I use my lunch break to my advantage.  If you’re a writer, here’s a cool tip.  Use your lunch break to plan out the story you want to write later that night!  It will help you reach your daily word count goal and you’ll thank yourself.  Haha.

What do you like to do with your lunch break?  (Besides eating, of course!)

Yours truly,
Marian Elizabeth
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