Writing Tip: Finding The Motivation To Finish Writing My Next Book

Friends... I have been feeling unmotivated.

But after reading Laurie's October Newsletter I've learned that maybe there is a reason for that.  That reason is the moon.  Apparently when the moon is full or waning, it's good to sit back and reflect on your projects and let go of the things that you do not need to hold onto.

When the moon is new or waxing, that's when we find our inspiration and desire to plan for the future and come up with new ideas.

I read that email on Sunday morning and immediately felt thrilled.  THAT must be why I haven't been feeling my rewrites lately.


Haha.  So I've decided to work on other projects until we get to the middle of the month, which is when new moon is (If I googled correctly, October 19th?  Let me know if in comments if I'm wrong. Hehe)

So, for the first half of the month I'll be working on my zine projects.  I have a couple of different half zines that I'll be working on for the craft festival I'm applying to in November.  I also have a coloring book I'm creating as well as some crayons I'll be making.  All handmade, all the time!

But when I start working on the Alicia rewrites, I'll be working on;

  1. Finishing the 2nd draft of the novel
  2. Re-reading the novel
  3. Working on the 3rd draft of the novel
  4. Submitting to a 3rd party editor.
  5. Formatting for Kindle
  6. Publishing to Kindle

Is it a long process?  Sure thing.  But since I'm almost done with the 2nd draft I'm hoping it won't take too long.

What's your BIG project for the month of October?

Yours truly,
Marian Elizabeth
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