A Day in Philadelphia & Philly Zine Fest!

Hello friends! On Sunday November 13, 2017 I took the train to Philadelphia to go to the Philly Zine Fest! Plus my brother lives in South Philly so he took the subway to Center City and we hung out and got to catch up.

Such a great day! Brendan was doing laundry in the morning so I walked around and explored! I found my way to a lot of interesting places like city hall (where I watched them set up an ice skating rink) and Reading Terminal Market (where I had a delicious hot dog and pierogies for lunch).

Then I went to Barnes & Noble and picked up some magazines. I had my computer with me too so I went to the cafe for a drink and worked on blog content and organized my Evernote notebooks and tags.

After that, Brendan and I met outside city hall and took the subway to West Philly where we attended Philly Zine Fest. It was fun and I picked up a couple of neat zines (pictured above).  It was crowded and we were overwhelved so after a lap or two around the room, we left and grabbed some incredibly early dinner at Bobby's Burger Palace.

Overall, a very fun day! We also shopped at Trader Joe's (Don't judge... there are absolutely none in my area!) and then Brendan walked me back to the train station and I waited for my train.

Have you ever been to a zine fest?

Yours truly,
Marian Elizabeth
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