Christmas Prep, Creativity, & Week 1 of NaNoWriMo

Hello friends!  It's been a busy few weeks at my house. I've been preparing for Christmas, experimenting with my creativity, all while participating in National Novel Writing Month. All while taking on more at my day job & also getting 9 hours of sleep! Haha.

Where to begin?  First things first, I realized a new digital zine that's available in my Etsy shop.

For just $5 you can download a digital copy of Marian's Guide to Christmas!

You can see all of the pages in the graphics that I posted on Etsy. I love that since I was able to work harder and add more drawings and art in this expanded edition.

I've been listening to Christmas music and watching Christmas movies for a few weeks now.  Finishing this zine puts me in even more of a holiday spirit!

My shop has been doing well recently.  I've also started participating in zine swaps again which means that there has been lots of outgoing mail in my neck of the woods.

That's a great feeling because you know what they say... to get mail you must send mail!

I did some adventure-ing with My Mom and my brother's girlfriend Emily last weekend.  We went to central market and then we walked around downtown Lancaster and hit a couple of cool stores.  First, we visited Madcap & Co on Queen St.

It's a very lovely place filled with vintage clothes, whimsical gifts, and a whole lot of cute stationery.  I know I'm going to visit again soon because Christmas is coming and it would be the perfect place to find little gifts for my friends and family.

We also visited Building Character which was a few blocks down.

I really liked this store because it's like Etsy come to life!  It's a warehouse filled with all kinds of different stalls with goods by artisans of all kinds.  I bought some neat stickers that I'm going to put on the cover of my bullet journal.

Cool huh?  Since my moleskine is a golden yellow color I eventually decided to put the yellow sticker on the cover and save the rest of them for other purposes.

I think that's about it besides NaNoWriMo. I forgot my computer at work last weekend so I did most of my writing on Friday night on my phone.  For Writing Months I usually keep my WIP in google docs so that I can access it in different places.

Then on Saturday I began writing in a notebook.

How cute, right? I picked this one up at Michael's while I was picking up some different colored pieces of felt to make Christmas ornaments and patches for the new year.

On Sunday, my Mom let me use her Chromebook so that I could type everything up into my Google Docs document.  How sweet!

It's been a great week or so.  I've been feeling motivated and creative and those are two of my favorite ways to feel.  It's the best!  I'll be back with an update next week, after week 2 of NaNoWriMo has gone down.

Until next time.

Yours truly,
Marian Elizabeth

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