Organizing My Puppy Binder & Meet Hazel (My 8 Week Old Shichon Pup)

Friends, I have something very special to share with you. If you read my blog post from yesterday you already know what this blog post is about. Heck, if you read the title of this post you know what it's about.

I am now the proud owner of a puppy!

Surprised to hear that? I'm right there with you. I thought that I would have to wait until I moved out of  my parents house to get a little bundle of puppy love. But nope! My parents surprised me mid last week and announced that we would be getting a puppy (and that when I moved out, I had to take her with me! lol).

I've never really had a pet before so I immediately went to Barnes & Noble to educate myself. After walking up and down the pet aisle for half an hour, I wound up purchasing two books about puppies and puppy training that have been very helpful to me so far.

  1. Idiot's Guides: Puppies by Connie Swaim
  2. Housetraining for Dummies by Susan McCullough

These books are helping to guide me, as well as the advice of pretty much everyone I know who has a dog! Haha.

But I also wanted a place to keep my important information such as questions I wanted to ask the breeder and questions I want to ask the vet when we go to her first appointment on Tuesday.  That's what inspired me to create my puppy binder!

I'm still coming up with some cute decorations for the cover! I went to CVS and had some of my instagram photos of Hazel printed out so I think I might put a photo of her on the front.

I purchased these dividers at Target and I love them because they also have pockets in them. Right now I have different sections for Supplies, Eating, Vet, Grooming, & Training. You can see that in the Supplies pocket I put the manual for her travel crate. Will I need that again? Probably not since it's already put together. But you never know!

Our family friend also told us that we'll get a lot of brochures at the Vet so that way we'll be able to store them all in once place so that we can reference them at ease if we need them.

At the back is a folder that her breeder gave us with a list of her shots and other information that the vet will want. 

So there you have it! That's how I organized my puppy binder so I can keep track of all of the different details, vet appointments, obedience classes, and everything else there is to remember!

Have you been through this before? I would love any advice you have to spare so feel free to drop a note in the comments. <3

Yours truly,
Marian Elizabeth
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