A Single Lady's Guide to Valentine's Day (Illustrated Comic)

Guess what, friends? I got a pretty sweet bonus at work this past week. And when I say pretty sweet I mean VERY sweet. Most of the money has gone into my savings account so that I can put it toward a future down payment on a house, but I did use a little bit on a treat for myself.

I got a Wacom drawing tablet so that I can continue to develop my art in 2018.  It's been a lot of fun trying it out and I love that I can use it to draw right in Adobe Illustrator.

I created the following illustration because I've been feeling melancholy about that fact that I'm going to be single on Valentine's Day this year.
Haha. I thought it was cute at least.  My new puppy Hazel is definitely going to be my Valentine this year.

If you'd like to see the tablet that I bought, click here! I am not really a tech savvy person and I find it very user friendly.

Yours truly,
Marian Elizabeth
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