A New Look for My Etsy Shop - March 2018

Hello friends! I took a course last fall called Passive Income with Printables by Michelle Rohr and this week she created a private facebook group for students of the course. I've been dabbling in designing printables since then so I think the Facebook group will definitely motivate me to keep developing my abilities and coming up with ideas for new products for my etsy shop.

That also made me realize that it might be time to spruce up the ole shop! My new design/listing photos feature a lot of white because I'm going for a clean, crisp look.

I created my header in Canva using their etsy header template, along with some graphics that I purchased for Etsy. Canva is super helpful because otherwise I probably wouldn't have the correct dimensions for my header! They have a lot of helpful templates.

Then I spent some time scanning the covers of my zines so that I could create clean front photos for my etsy listings.

It took a majority of Saturday but I'm glad with how it all turned out. I've been wanting to consolidate my shop for a while. There are some listings that I combined to make packages and other listings that I deactivated because I want to take some time to redevelop and remarket them.

It took the majority of my Saturday but I'm glad it's done. My puppy Hazel sat next to me on the couch and drifted in and out of sleep while I worked. She's 16 weeks now and becoming quite a handle so it was nice of her to let me have some time to work.

If you don't follow her on Instagram, you definitely should! Haha. I might be biased but she's pretty flipping cute. She's at Hazel_the_shichon

If you're not an instagram person, here's a recent photo of her from when we went on a walk this week.

I'm completely obsessed. Haha.

Yours truly,
Marian Elizabeth
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