Why I'm Converting to a Digital Sketchbook in March 2018

Hello friends! I hope that you've all survived this little snowstorm within the past day. If you care to check out my latest video, you'll see some of the snow that we got where I live. To say I'm not thrilled about it is an understatement! Haha.

Oh well. The snow gave me some time off work today because my office closed at 12 pm and sent everyone home. It gave me some extra time to spend with Hazel and I got a lot of different projects done. Including starting my digital sketchbook project.

Which brings me to my next point. Why exactly am I converting to a digital sketchbook? There are actually a few reasons why I am creating a digital sketchbook by scanning all of my old art so I'll outline them below.

1. To simplify

I am on a cleaning out journey right now which means getting rid of (by throwing away, donating, or generally simplifying) my belongings. I have a lot of old sketchbooks (including some of the ones that you see in the picture above) and getting rid of these physical notebooks will help me feel free.

2. To document

But just because I don't want them hanging around in my closet doesn't mean that I don't still cherish my art. Absolutely the opposite. Keeping a digital photo album of my artwork will help me to remember my ideas without taking up so much space.

3. For Privacy

Is there anyone who has looked back at their old diaries/journals/sketchbooks and not been embarrassed?  Anyone? I don't think so, unless they have fabulous self esteem! Haha. So for privacy reasons I like to have everything stored on my computer which is obviously password protected and with me (or at my home) a majority of the time.

Do you like to look back at your old journals? What do you think is the best way to store them?

Yours truly,
Marian Elizabeth
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